The Debussy Festival, organised by the « Classique en Berry » association, is part of the national network of Spedidam festivals. It was created seven years ago and has become, through the years, one of the greatest musical events of the Centre Val de Loire region.

Argenton sur Creuse is very proud to host again this major event and to invite all ages to escape reality just for a short while through Debussy’s music and his contemporaries’.

For that 8th edition, The Debussy Festival takes you on a journey, one both of mind and imagination. From July 26th to 28th, several great artists will perform for three unprecedented nights during which each of them will present his own way of travelling. Performing artitst include : Marianne Piketty, Félicien Brut, Vanessa Benelli Mosell, le Quatuor Hermès, l’Ensemble Appassionato, and many more. The afternoons, which are open to everyone, will be an opportunity to apreciate  young performers and to take part in artists/public meetings in a friendly and charming atmosphere.

And to extend the fun, enjoy our picnic at the end of the day!

Packed lunches will be on sale at Les Jardins de la Grenouille from 19:30. A good way to enjoy quality products exclusively from the region, alone, with friends or with family, before the evening concert.

Prices: €20 a packed lunch for two people. Orders will be taken on site. In partnership with local producers.

« When you can't afford to travel, you have to use your imagination instead. » Claude Debussy.

Let this great French composer take you on a journey !